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"Shoutout to all the shy, introverted, empathic, socially awkward souls who are pushing past their comfort zone to share their gifts."- Maryam Hasnaa

My Approach

I work collaboratively with you, at your speed, non-judgmentally. 

I look at the whole person - body, mind, and spirit - endeavoring to decolonize therapy. I take the time to recognize how one’s cultural background, spiritual beliefs, and practices highlight a person's being, and take into account social injustices and oppressive systems impacting their daily life.

I create a space allowing folks to unveil who they are without fear of judgment from the world.  We will explore parts of ourselves that we aren’t comfortable with yet, as well as explore the visionary aspects of ourselves that we feel others may not understand. Our therapy together creates an environment where you can connect to your healer within, even if that’s only feeling comfortable in your own skin. I help you to empower yourself, challenging oppressive conventions and injustices to create a new narrative of your life story. I provide space for your radical transformation and sit with you in the confusion and mystery of your suffering and vulnerability while also creating a refuge for self-compassion, grace, and healing.  

The most important aspect of our time together is creating a therapeutic relationship where safety and trust are foundational.  Choosing to be in therapy is an act of courage and I am honored to collaborate with you while you pull back the veil and discover how you want to authentically show up in this life.

While I work with a diverse range of individuals, I find that I work best with those who identify as creatives; people working in service of others; teens, adults and elders; those who identify as women; childfree/childless women; LGBTQIA+;  people experiencing grief, loss, and transitions from relationships, career, and death; magical healers; and soul and spiritual searchers.

I am trauma-informed working holistically and relationally through a strength-based, client-centered perspective, combining gestalt, narrative, humanistic, existential, mindfulness-based, as well as somatic orientations.



Depression & Anxiety

Life transitions 

Specializing in 


Depression + Anxiety

The experience of depression and anxiety can be incredibly debilitating, often leaving individuals feeling isolated and alone. It can feel as though you are trapped in a dim and overwhelming place, making it difficult to see any hope or light. However, I am here to offer guidance and support, to help you navigate through this challenging journey. Together, we can work towards finding strategies and coping mechanisms that can bring you out of the dimness and into a place of healing and growth. 



Trauma can manifest in different ways and may not always be obvious. While we typically think of trauma as being related to war, violence, and abuse, it's important to recognize that even everyday challenges and stressors can have a profound impact on our well-being. Childhood trauma, as well as collective and intergenerational traumas caused by social injustices, and climate change all contribute to daily stress levels. By approaching our healing journey with mindfulness and care, we can begin to address and overcome the effects of these traumas.


Life Transitions

Despite our best efforts to plan and envision our lives, the reality is that life is inherently uncertain.  Unexpected events like loss, relationship endings, career changes, and health challenges can leave us feeling confused and disoriented. However, amidst the chaos, there is an opportunity for growth and resilience. By embracing life's unpredictability and approaching challenges with an open mind and heart, we can find new perspectives and navigate towards a future filled with possibilities.

Together We Can:

  • Transform behavioral patterns of ruminating thoughts, recurring. breaches of personal boundaries, and feelings of rejection, abandonment, and uncertainty.

  • Engage in introspection regarding your sense of self, your place in society, your goals and values, and establish a stronger connection to your ancestry and cultural background.

  • Establish and maintain healthy boundaries regarding your time, personal space, and emotional well-being, ensuring that you prioritize self-care and avoid depleting yourself.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your various aspects, enhance your confidence and self-assurance, and cultivate greater self-compassion.

  • Explore methods to discover and express your genuine voice, and communicate your truth in a self-affirming manner.

  • Uncover alternative paths that hold meaning for you and your unique journey- whatever is relevant to you.

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